Four Visualization Techniques for Attracting Wealth

We all love rags to riches stories. They inspire us to believe that we too can lift ourselves out of our economic slump and live a better life. These stories provide a roadmap to our own dreams, showing us a path paved with scrappiness, smart decisions, hard work and strategic moves.

But these stories often omit a crucial technique successful people use to attract wealth: visualization. This is step one in your ascent to the top. Why? First off, it’s fun to fantasize about jetting off to a tropical island or simply being able to afford a comfortable life without the daily worries of money. But more importantly, visualization forces you to tell the story of your success before it happens; by telling yourself the story, you are actively imagining the steps you’d need to take to reach your goals.

This may sound like ineffective wishful thinking, but a lot of evidence backs up its veracity. A study of weight lifters mentioned in an article in Inc. showed that the same brain patterns were activated when the weight lifters visualized lifting weights and actually lifted weights. The article also reports that, “research has revealed that mental practices are almost effective as true physical practice, and that doing both is more effective than either alone.”

Here are four ways to use visualization to make yourself a magnet for wealth and success.

1. Make a Vision Board

This exercise is fun and allows you to channel your inner teen. Start by gathering a poster board, scissors, glue and some magazines. Ideally you’re working from fun magazines that focus on travel, fashion, cooking, homes and all the good things in life. Then cut out pictures that represent your life goals and all the experiences you’d want to enjoy if you had an abundance of money. Glue them to your poster board and set it in a prominent place in the house so you’re reminded on a daily basis of the goals you are working toward.

2. Write Down Goals Daily

Visualize your financial goal and write it down several times in a row every day for a couple months. This worked for the creator of the Dilbert comic series, Scott Adams, who started using this technique in the 1980s. He would visualize a goal, write it down 15 times every day and watch as, within weeks, “amazing coincidences started to happen,” he writes in his book The Dilbert Future. Months later he achieved his goal.

3. Surround Yourself With Success

Cut out the negative people in your life, those who complain but don’t try to change their situation. Their pessimism will sap the life from you. Instead, surround yourself with the strivers, those on their way to success and those who you aspire to be like. Their stories will help you better visualize the steps you need to take to reach great heights. And their positive, forward moving energy will propel you toward your dreams.

4. Believe in yourself

Remind yourself everyday of your strengths and the gifts you bring to this world. When you hit a rough patch in life, take time to care for yourself and visualize yourself activating your greatest qualities to climb out of whatever challenge you are facing. Know that you have what it takes to achieve great success and picture yourself doing just that.

It’s important to make visualization a regular part of your life, even if it only takes a few minutes of each day. Be specific in the goals you are after, and work toward visualizing a holistic picture of abundance. Don’t focus on money and acquiring objects alone. Imagine financial wealth, but also imagine health, community, career success and all the positive emotions you desire for your life. Now go find a quiet place alone and tell your success story!

Image via Unsplash/Glenn Carstens-Peters

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