Profitable Side Gigs to Try While Working a Full Time Job

Think about your big financial goals for this year. Looking to start saving money? Got a medical bill you’d like to say goodbye to? Want to move to a bigger apartment? One of the best ways to make great strides toward these goals is to make more money. But if your salary is maxed out at your current job and your boss just won’t budge, what can you do?

Get a side hustle. Below are ideas for ways you can turn your regular weekend activities, your hobbies and your extra time into lucrative side gigs that could give a jolt to your cash flow and get you closer to your financial goals.

Give guided tours. If you have a pretty good depth of knowledge of your city’s hot spots and history, consider spending your free weekend days as a tour guide. You’ll spend a couple of hours with curious tourists, take them to your favorite sites and make some cash along the way. Check out tour companies Vayable or Tours By Locals, or if you really know your stuff, set up your own tour company with specialized tours (history tours, food tours, ghost tours, etc.)

Teach a fitness class. The great benefit of teaching a fitness class: you make money while working out. If you care about working out and enjoy doing it with company, you can earn money while doing something you’d be doing anyway. Ask your local gyms or fitness clubs which roles they are hiring for. Some types of exercise instruction require certification, which you can pursue in your free time. Others may train you and allow you start teaching right away as a substitute. If you focus on the kinds of exercise you already love – such as spin, yoga, Zumba, boot camp or something else – you could draw a faithful following that will keep you motivated to keep up your side gig.

Sell graphic design work. For the artistically inclined, you can sell your beautiful designs online through your own website or via many different platforms.

Join a temp agency. An agency can set you up with jobs that work with your schedule. After providing information about your skills, you could find yourself doing anything from answering phones, data entry, packing boxes, product testing and more. And if you land at a company you like, you stand a decent chance of getting hired full time if you impress them with your work.

Rent out a spare room. Don’t let your spare room sit there unoccupied. Find a roommate to split the cost of housing, or put the room on a vacation rental site like Airbnb.

Put ads on your car. Get paid to simply drive your car around town with an ad slapped on. Companies like Carvertise and Autowrapped pay drivers to simply drive their regular route. Note that there is a lot of competition to be chosen to advertise, and companies are selective. Beware of scam companies that ask for money up front.

Drive for a ride share company. If you enjoy driving around town and like chatting with strangers in your back seat, check out Lyft or Uber.  You can earn steady side gig money while working hours that suit your schedule.

Take pictures. Turn your photography hobby into a lucrative side gig. If you have a nice camera, take great pictures and want to bring in some extra cash, let your friends and family know that you’re open for business. You can take pictures of families, newborns, pets, or newly engaged couples. And if you’ve got top notch photography skills and a portfolio to show for it, you can break into the more lucrative world of wedding photography.

The key to making a side gig sustainable is to find the kind of work that you truly enjoy (graphic design, tour guide), work you would do anyway (fitness instructor), work you have time for (Lyft driver, temp) or work that provides passive income (putting ads on your car, renting out a room). The goal is to make a steady side income that, over time, will give a big boost to your financial health. Find the one that’s right for you and start today!

This post is the second of a two-part series on increasing your income. Read part one, “How to Set Up Your Side Hustle” here.

Image via Unsplash/Sylwia Bartyzel

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