5 Tips to Manage Your Money Smarter in 2018

5 Tips to Manage Your Money Smarter in 2018

What better New Year’s Resolution to make than to manage your money smarter in 2018? Start out the new year practicing good habits for your financial future.

We’ve all heard those stories about people who have rebuilt their finances for the better. Some of them are entrepreneurs and millionaires, and others are everyday people.

Here are some ways to manage your hard-earned money in 2018:


  1. Go On a Cash Diet

Give your credit cards a break and allow yourself a certain amount of cash to use each week for the next two months. The exception include significant bills. After that, it is easy to see where you are spending and where you can make cuts in the future.


  1. Save Each Month

Set aside a certain amount of money each month to put in a savings account, 401K or other retirement account.


  1. Generate Two Incomes

We aren’t saying you shouldn’t have a social life, but while you are young and energetic, it is good to keep yourself busy and try new things. If you are fortunate enough that you can generate two incomes, make a habit of using one of those revenues for your everyday living expenses while banking the other job’s paychecks!


  1. Create a Financial Calendar

If you have a lot going on or are sometimes forgetful, think about setting appointment reminders for essential money to-dos. Writing things down helps alleviate anxiety, and may help prevent any late bill payments.


  1. Be Patient

Don’t expect to get rich in one year. If that happens, great! But managing your
hard-earned money is a process. Invest in yourself.



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