ChimpChange - 5 Ways to Keep Your Bank Account Balance in Check When the Temps Drop

5 Ways to Keep Your Bank Account Balance in Check When the Temps Drop

It’s officially Fall and you know what that means. Time to break out the new wardrobe and eat pumpkin-flavored everything. The Fall also means perfect weather made for fun family activities. But planning for the holiday season is also on the list.


Many people ring in the new year without any money left to spare. Make this Fall all about having a better relationship with your money, which starts with implementing the right financial strategies. Below, we’ll lay out 5 tips to keep your bank account from spiraling downwards just like the temperature.


Have a Money Mindset


Have a budget plan going into the Fall season. Have a money blueprint, and put at the top of the list what really matters, such as after-school activities for your kids. Make a list of the holidays that are coming up and who you need to shop for. One great way to make sure you don’t go over budget this Fall is to use a prepaid card such as our ChimpChange Prepaid Mastercard®.  We separate ourselves from the competition by not charging a monthly fee!


Be More Selective


Fall weather means you have an excuse to ditch your gym membership for a few months. Enjoy the outdoors. Go for hikes with your kids. Play in the leaves. Open your windows at night to let the cool air in. Another great way to save a few bucks each week is to cook at home. You can even make this a great family bonding activity. These things are priceless, and your wallet will thank you.


Have a Meeting With Yourself


Take 30 minutes once a week to sit down with yourself and go over your spending habits. You might notice some things that will easily save you money in the long-term. For instance, you notice that you went to Starbucks twice a day for almost a whole week. That could easily round up to $50 a week! Be smart about where you spend your money each day, because it can easily add up, and you might be able to reward yourself at the end of the month for good spending behavior!


Think Ahead


Many people wait until the last minute and then they are scrambling to find holiday presents. Find out when the best sales are, and make a commitment to go shopping then. For instance, Black Friday or Cyber Monday is a good time. Again, since the ChimpChange Card is a prepaid card, you won’t have to worry about paying off your credit cards after the new year. You can easily load checks into this card account by simply taking a picture of the check.1 Once that’s done, you have an exact budget, and it makes holiday shopping a little easier!


Be Energy Efficient


We’ve mentioned this before, but it can make a huge difference each month. Let’s face it, our electric bills go up in the summer because of the heat. Depending on where you live, you can start to open your windows and turn off the air conditioning. your phone chargers that suck energy and Also, unplugging things when you’re not using them and turning off the lights can really cut down on that bill.


Do you have additional budget-related tips to share with us? Leave a comment or share on our social media pages!


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