Showing Your Finances Some Love

Showing Your Finances Some Love

Ah, the most romantic time of the year! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What do you have planned for this special occasion?

If your bank account is still recovering from the holiday season, fear not! Below are five ways to not go overboard on Valentine’s Day this year:


  1. Make The Presents


As corny as it may seem, a majority of people actually prefer homemade gifts than expensive, less personal ones.

Make a photo album that your loved one can cherish. Or bake something from the heart that says a special message in the icing.


  1. Enjoy Dinner and a Movie at Home


There are plenty of ways to make a romantic night out of cozying up at home.

Make your significant other dinner by the fire followed by a romantic movie. What’s better than a relaxing night with your favorite person?


  1. Avoid the Roses


This may seem like a minute issue, but sending something like a potted plant to your loved one sends a message of commitment rather than roses, which don’t last as long.


  1. Make a Mix CD


Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a soundtrack full of songs that remind you of one another. The great thing about this gift is that no matter where you are in a relationship, a playlist full of love songs is always appreciated.


  1. Give the Gift of Time


If you are struggling to find gift inspiration, there is always the option to do something around the house for your loved one. Offer to clean the house, the car, the dog, etc.!


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