Prepare for Festival Season with these Travel Saving Tips

Prepare for Festival Season with these Travel Saving Tips

With the spring season fast approaching, it’s the ideal time to get as prepared as possible for the upcoming music festival season. Being able to enjoy a stellar sonic outing with friends is considered a rite of passage for many music lovers, and with skyrocketing prices for tickets to places like Coachella and Lollapalooza there are still some ways you can get great seats, have an unforgettable time, and even save money in the process. 


Whether you are a fan of hip hop, country, electronica, or rock music, there are festivals out there that are specific to certain genres or cover a broad range of them. Festivals like Glastonbury and SXSW (South by Southwest) cater to several styles, ensuring that there is something on the line-up for just about everyone. By incorporating the following tips, you can be assured of the best possible musical festival experience yet!



There are music fans out there that will travel the lengths of the earth for great music. If that’s in the cards for you, it’s even more imperative to plan ahead of time to save as much on travel costs as possible. Find the nearest airport and then find out the cheapest days to leave via bus, train, plane, car-sharing, Uber, Lyft and more. Run through a few ways to execute arrival and save a bundle on travel expenses. Some festivals even offer transportation directions and specials for the concert attendees, so stay on the lookout for offers in the area. 



It doesn’t matter which festival you attend, one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed is staying connected to keep up with your friends and find out about any late-breaking updates that may be happening on site. Before traveling to the venue, ensure that your phone won’t be susceptible to any roaming fees. You’ll need a dependable power source to recharge and that means investing in a portable charger that may cost you a bit more upfront but will provide you with the power you need over the course of a potentially long weekend. Plus, if you are with your friends and possibly have to deal with the conundrum of your favorite artists performing at the same time on different stages, this is the time to strategize and use advancements in technology to optimize your experience. The other advantage of being connected? You can Snapchat and Instagram yourself directly from the venue, in the heat of the moment, and get feedback from followers. 



Depending on how long the festival is, we have a few ideas that may help you save a pretty penny on where you’ll lay your headbangin’ head before, during, and after the last artist has performed. There are various websites dedicated to couch-surfing, where you can sleep on someone’s couch for free. If you book far enough in advance, finding someone to host you for a few nights can be easily managed. Another cost-effective alternative is booking nights at a hostel near the venue, where you can get an amazing deal if booked far in advance. If you’re going with a group of friends, you can also search for websites that list houses for rent. So instead of renting a costly hotel room for each of you, you can potentially share a house/condo/duplex for the weekend and split the costs (housing, groceries etc.).


And then there are those festivals where you may have to rough it to some extent, and that includes sleeping outside and dealing with the elements. The tent that you bring along should be as close to premium quality as possible, and preferably one that comfortably houses two people. A test run before the actual festival is advisable, and you may want to include a yoga mat to place underneath the tent for maximum comfort. There are several tent companies that offer deals around this time of the year which makes it the perfect time to do a bit of research and find the most suitable tent for your festivities. 


Pack It Up

You’re going to be traipsing between stages and activities and will need something to store all of your necessities in, which means a backpack is an absolute must. Use it to carry your ear plugs, sunscreen, Tylenol, tissues, smartphone accessories, food, and more. And speaking of food…


Eating & Drinking

Seasoned festival goers know that maintaining energy levels for walking the grounds and dancing into the wee hours is an absolute must. There will be plenty of snack stands and food trucks on the premises to satiate your appetite, but festival food is not only high in carbs and sugar, but also extremely expensive. To save money, bring your own food, particularly non-perishable items like granola bars, dried fruit, nuts, and plenty of fruit. Having water on hand and in abundance can get costly if you have to buy bottle after bottle at snack stands. Instead, bring a few reusable water bottles that you can fill up at outdoor events and stay hydrated. 


Festivals for Older Adults

Not all festivals are headbanger balls and loud music, with plenty of other events scheduled throughout the year that cater to an older crowd, but no less jam-packed full of amazing music and international stars. 


Jazz in the Gardens is one of the top events of the year presenting a line-up that has made a name for itself with celebrated jazz musicians as well as artists covering other genres of music. Notable headliners for the upcoming festival include Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, New Edition, Fantasia, and several other Grammy-winning artists. 


Austin, Texas is known worldwide for its huge contributions to the music industry, and the Austin City Limits Festival spans nearly a week and each year showcasing some of the hottest, up and coming bands alongside superstar commercial acts. This year’s line-up includes The Strokes, Foo Fighters, and hip-hop artist Drake. 


Follow these steps in order to truly maximize the festival experience without compromising your budget or the epic artistry of your favorite musicians. 


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