4 Simple Ways to Save Your Money This Summer

4 Simple Ways to Save Your Money This Summer

Anytime is a good time to save money, but the summertime offers some unique money-saving opportunities. From changing the way you approach the summer heat wave to developing your green thumb, here are five ways you can save money this summer.

  1. Grow your own produce. As you find yourself eating more salads and colorful veggies in the warmer weather, you may also find yourself taking more frequent trips to the local supermarket to stock up on produce. This can really add up over time.

One great money-saving tip is to grow your own produce. There are many benefits to growing your own fruits and vegetables, including a decreased financial burden in the long run. (You may want to set some money aside to start your garden – purchasing tools, fencing material etc.) Another benefit to growing your own produce is that you can grow larger quantities without racking up a large bill at the supermarket.

Not to mention, food that comes from your own garden tastes ten times better!

  1. Walk or bike instead of driving. Gas can eat up a large part of your budget in the summer since people tend to do more traveling during this time of year. If your travel is local, however, you can walk to your destination or hop on your bicycle to save on gas. You might find both your waistline and your gas expenses shrinking before you know it.
  2. Only use your air conditioner during the hottest times of the day. Did you know that the temperature outside is the hottest between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM, regardless of your geographic location?

Your AC can really hike up your energy bill if you leave it on all day, so if possible, only use it during these hours. Before 11 and after 2, try opening your windows and running some fans if necessary. It’s a lot more effective than you might think.

  1. Take advantage of what your local library has to offer. If you’re a voracious reader, you might want to consider borrowing from your local library. You can usually get a library card for free, and check out at least 5 books at a time.

For bookworms, this is almost certainly a favorable option. Not only will you potentially save a substantial amount of money this summer, you’ll be supporting your local library and giving them some much-needed business.

Summer can be more costly than you’d think. With all the ice-cream stops and trips to the beach, you may need to find a way to save money in other ways so you don’t end up overspending. Thankfully, there are quite a few options available to you. Growing your own produce is an excellent way to save. You’ll not only be avoiding expensive market prices, but it’ll also help you cut back on the amount of gas you use to get there!

Try to use your AC less, and consider getting your summer books from the library instead of purchasing them online. By putting even a few of these tips to use, you can save a whole lot of money this summer without compromising your fun!


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