Working Out in the Summertime: How to Take Advantage of the Season ☀️

A steady workout routine is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. In the summertime, there are so many activities to take advantage of without the cost of an expensive workout routine. So leave your gym subscriptions and $30 cycle classes for the winter. Here are a few ways to help you get active outside:


Walk or Run Outdoors Instead of a Treadmill

Finding a local outdoor trail is a perfect place to get your morning run while enjoying some fresh air. Look for trails that have hills to add some incline into your workout.






Ditch Your Personal Pool and Dip in the Water

Swimming is a great way to work out while staying cool. If you normally use your gym’s pool, try swimming laps in a lake, ocean, or community pool instead.





Yoga on the Beach Instead of a Studio

Take your mat, towel, and peace of mind out of your room and into nature! Trying yoga outside is a good cost-effective alternative.







Ride Outside Instead of a Cycle Class

Bike riding outside saves you the cost of a cycle class without sacrificing the great workout. All you need is a bike, headphones, and a path to get you on your way!





Round Up your Friends and Play a Soccer Game

Working out with a group of people tends to be more enjoyable and less of a task. So get a couple of your friends together and go to a local park and play some pickup games!