10 Ways to Master the Art of Money Saving in College

Trying to budget your money in college is a universal struggle — whether you’ve already resorted to $0.13 Ramen noodle dinners or are on your way there, you’re not alone. College can make a pretty big dent in your bank account, so every last penny helps. Consider some of these quick tips that will help you save some extra cash, and hopefully save you from the Ramen diet.


Don’t Buy New Textbooks!

Try to borrow textbooks from a friend, look for used books in the campus bookstore, or search the used textbook websites online for a cheaper option.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Many places offer discounts for students whether it’s clothing stores, restaurants, or gyms, so be sure to look out for prices and deals!

Get Yourself a Piggy Bank

Designate a place to keep your spare change and try to fill it up before you decide to spend.

Learn How to Cook

Making your own food is a great way avoid  overspending on restaurants or take out.

Invest in a Coffee Maker

Making your own morning cup of coffee instead of stopping at your local coffee shop may seem like a bit of a hassle, but a few dollars here and there will add up in the long run.

Ditch the Cable

Some college campuses provide cable, but if yours doesn’t, look to save some extra money by ditching the cable tv and watching shows on Netflix or Hulu for only a few bucks a month.

Leave the Car at Home

While having a car on campus might seem convenient, the combination of parking and gas may add up way too quickly. Look to walking, bike riding, or using public transportation as a money-saving alternative!

Dollar Stores are your Friend

When looking for dorm room decor, check out your nearest dollar store for quick and cheap accessories to spice up your space.

Look into an On-Campus Job

Getting a job on campus is a good way to have a constant source of income!

Create a Budget

Creating a monthly budget is extremely important. Planning for estimated expenses each month will help you keep from overspending while maintaining a balanced bank account.