Beware of the Back-to-School bill

June and July have flown by, which means Back-to-School season is upon us. As you gear up for registration, orientation, and meet-the-teachers night, there is one thing you might be dreading — Back-to-School shopping. From basic supplies, to textbooks, to required technology, school supply lists can be a complete bank breaker.

By taking a look at the annual Huntington Bank Backpack Index, we’re able to see just how much was averagely spent on school supply lists in 2017.

Elementary School student: up to $650

Middle School student: up to $1,000

High School student: up to $1,500

While these numbers may be extremely unsettling (especially if you have more than one child), following these tips can help you check off all the items on your supply list without overspending.


Reuse Last Year’s School Supplies

One great thing about most school supplies – they don’t expire. Remember that 4-inch binder from last year’s supply list? It will work just as well this year, and years to follow. And the list of reusable school supplies goes way beyond just 4-inch binders. The main thing is to stay organized and keep all reusable supplies in one place, so that when August comes around, you won’t overspend on supplies you already own.


Create a Clothing List and Budget

Back-to-School shopping doesn’t always need to mean buying a whole new wardrobe for your child. Although this might entail whining and eye-rolls, have your child try on clothes that they already have to see what fits and what doesn’t. Then make a list and a budget, so you can spend money on clothes that they actually need!


Check for Sales and Coupons

Back-to-School shopping doesn’t always have to come with a never-ending bill. There are some great deals and sales to take advantage of, so make sure to check online before shopping at retail stores.


Take Advantage of Tax Free Weekend

Tax-free weekends, or “sales tax holidays”, are a great opportunity to make purchases on school supplies, clothes, shoes, and more. Many states offer special weekends to help parents save when shopping for Back to School. Check out a listing of state’s here. Just make sure that you follow the state’s tax-free shopping guidelines, and you’ll be saving some cash!