Direct Deposit

  • Get access to your funds on payday
  • A great way to access your money
  • Automatically deposit checks into your
    ChimpChange Prepaid Mastercard Account at no cost

Download Form

Step 1



Print out our direct deposit form. You can get the form here or in the ChimpChange *App. In the app go to the “Load Money” screen, select “Direct Deposit”. To view the form, press the “Direct Deposit Form” button. From there you can print it, or email to your computer for printing.

Step 2

Fill out the form

Fill out the form

To fill out the form you will need your ChimpChange Card account and routing number. Find them in the App, selecting “Load Money” and then “Direct Deposit”. Your 16-digit Card number cannot be used to sign up for direct deposit.

Step 3

Hand it over

Just give your filled-in Direct Deposit form to your employer and you are all set!